Greens in Hampshire unite

Local Green Parties in Hampshire have joined together in an informal Federation to tackle Hampshire wide issues as a united force.

The new Federation will focus on more effective campaigning to win seats across the county and influence Hampshire county council better; issue based campaigns including fracking, housing and planning, and transport and also look to create more co-ordinated communications between the 10 parties which cover the county.

Hants_gathering.jpgThe local parties made the decision at a gathering in Winchester on Saturday (November 7th) where they talked about how to link up with other local charities, businesses, and organisations that work on the issues that the Green Party are known for. The event had external speakers from Hampshire transport initiative Sustrans, as well as their own London Assembly member Darren Johnson.

They selected Kylie Barton, from Eastleigh (though in the process of moving to Portsmouth) as their new co-ordinator.  Kylie said:

“With a big increase in the number of Green Party members in Hampshire, and indeed the vote share at the General Election, we need to be better organised to turn this blue county green. This is a very diverse county with big cities like Portsmouth and Southampton and rural areas including two National Parks. Uniting in this loose federation structure will provide us with a real opportunity to strengthen our voice on issues that affect us as a county, and to come together in activism to stand up to the death grip of Tory austerity measures that are crippling our society and our environment”.

Kylie_Barton.jpgKylie has a background in communications, coordination, and organisation, and will be the main volunteer contact for the organisation. You can reach Kylie on [email protected], or on Twitter @HampshireGreens, and on Facebook at .


For more information on this story please contact Kylie Barton on 07590688468, [email protected]

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