Greens consolidate fourth place position above LibDems

The latest ICM poll puts the Green Party a full three points above the Lib Dems and into a clear fourth place ahead of next week's European elections.

This follows several weeks of a trend in which the Greens first reached parity with the Lib Dems and then started to ease ahead, climbing four points in just one week. It also comes as Labour experiences a massive 12 point decline. Among 18-24 year-olds the Greens are the now second most popular political party.

South East Green MEP and candidate Keith Taylor said: "As the election draws closer and the voting choice becomes a reality, the Green Party is seeing a real rise in support and is now firmly placed as the fourth choice, ahead of the Lib Dems.

"People are fed up with the same-old, same-old of the centre parties. They want change. And the choice is becoming clear: if they want to step back a hundred years, pull up the drawbridge and create fortress Britain, despite the untold damage it will do to the economy and human rights, they're going for Ukip. If they want progressive change and real improvements in our society, our environment and the way we live together, they're turning to the Green Party."

The Greens' number two candidate in the South East, Alexandra Phillips added: "We're seeing our rise in support everywhere we go. Windows with Green posters, warm greetings on the doorsteps, a record in pledges of financial support and cars sounding their horns whenever they see the Green Party campaign bus on the road. There's a real buzz in the air."

Keith Taylor, Alexandra Phillips and the other South East Green candidates are campaigning tirelessly across the region, in a flurry of canvassing, street stalls, hustings and debates. At present, the Greens have one MEP in the South East but the latest polling figures strongly suggest that Alexandra Phillips may be joining Keith Taylor as the second MEP and one of a new wave of Green MEPs across the country. Based on a national swing the latest poll would give the Greens 5 seats in England plus one in Scotland. The Lib Dems would have zero seats.


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