Green PCC candidate in Sussex

James Doyle from Worthing is standing as the Green Party’s Police and Crime Commissioner candidate in Sussex. He’s the only PCC candidate in the South East for the Greens.

The Green Party has the right policies on crime and justice:

  • opposing the creeping privatisation of the police force,
  • supporting an evidence-based drugs policy,
  • community policing, restorative justice, and
  • supporting victims of hate crime.

 James Doyle says:

“I will fight to protect policing as a public service. Under this and the previous government there have been six years of cuts to Sussex Police and six years of creeping privatisation, with more and more police functions handed over to companies only interested in making a profit. 

“I want to see Sussex Police being a police service, not a police force.

“The Green Party has an active and progressive view of how policing should be adapting to the challenges of the twenty-first century. 

“We need actively to pursue other ways of reducing crime than simply enforcement and imprisonment.

I am proud that in my time in local government in Worthing and West Sussex, I have stood up for those who are most at risk of being marginalised, and I am proud of my wife's thirty years’ service as a Sussex Police officer. I care about the community I live in and the people I live alongside. I want to ensure that our police service is one that answers to our needs, protects us and our families, and makes us all feel safe."

James says he will:

  • Make offenders face up to the effects of their crime by actively expanding restorative justice;
  • Emphasise rehabilitation programmes to steer young offenders away from repeating their mistakes;
  • Take an honest approach to dealing with drugs, cracking down on organised crime while making sure users and addicts are given help and support rather than being criminalised and marginalised.

The Green Party is fundraising to support James's campaign, and after the election the returned deposit will be turned into a ‘fighting fund’ to support Local Parties contesting elections across the whole SE region. To make a donation towards the funds for James's campaign, please go to our South East Region Fundraiser Page. You can also follow James's campaign on Facebook


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