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Day 8 in Banbury and Witney

I spent the morning in Banbury, meeting rail commuters, then travelled to Duckington and Witney in the afternoon, where I drove around town, speaking to people, asking them to vote Green on 22 May 2014.

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Bus visits the dreaming spires of Oxford

KiethandNatalieatLaunchinOxfordbyBus_20140510_250x333.jpgI spent Saturday in Oxford, one of the few buses that weren't full of tourists. At 0930, Natalie Bennett, Green Party leader, and Keith Taylor MEP launched the Oxfordshire Green Party manifesto for the Oxford City Council elections.

I then spent some time as a base for leafleters and canvassers in Oxford, drove to the centre of town, and in the evening picked up people for a film show on my top deck, a new film about fracking.

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Green Party Bus visits Balcombe

The Greens are the only party willing to stand up against fracking and other threats to the English countryside. On Tuesday, MEP Keith Taylor and second candidate Alexandra Phillips met with local activists and visited one of the contested sites just outside of Balcombe.

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IMG_0639.JPGAfter a great day in Brighton to start of the tour, we headed up to Lewes on Tuesday May 6 to meet supporters, hear about a local development plan, and spread the word about the European Elections on May 22.


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Early May Bank Holiday Brighton

Loving the sunshine in Brighton, great way to start out the tour!


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