Green MEP Visits Kent Food Bank

One of Kent’s Euro-MPs will visit the Canterbury and Ashford food banks on Friday following the publication of a shocking report on emergency food hand outs in South East England.

Keith Taylor, the Green Party’s MEP for South East England, will meet with food bank users and volunteers as he tours his constituency meeting those affected by poverty.


Mr Taylor has recently published a report on food banks in South East England. The report, called Food Bank Britain, shows a sharp increase in demand for food banks across the region. The Canterbury food bank gave out 1500 food parcels in 2013 and is expecting demand to rise. The Ashford food bank report that 850 people have been through their doors in the last two months.

Keith Taylor MEP said:

“Food Banks in Kent are a lifeline to those in need but, at the same time, a stain on the government’s record on poverty.

I cannot praise the work of food bank staff and volunteers enough, they are doing a great service to their community. But the fact is that nobody in the sixth largest economy in the world should be in such poverty that they rely on food handouts.

My report shows that Food banks have become a booming industry across Britain and Kent is no exception to that.

People in the South East have seen their wages stagnate, their benefits cut and their cost of living soar. The government must get a handle on things by increasing the minimum wage to a Living Wage and ensuring people have access to adequate social security.”

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