Green European candidates welcome new UN climate recommendations

Alexandra Phillips, Keith Taylor and others at Balcombe

Green Party European candidates for the South East of England, Keith Taylor MEP and Alexandra Phillips, today welcomed the third instalment of the UN climate change report, praising its focus on the need for governments to act quickly and aggressively in cutting the accelerating pace of greenhouse-gas emissions.

"The third instalment of the UN's IPCC report leaves no doubt that it's no longer an option for the world to continue burning fossil fuels at the present rate," said Keith Taylor MEP. "Optimistically, we can avert catastrophic climate change but only if there is a concerted and rapid move to renewable energy sources, especially wind and solar. That puts a lot of pressure on a UK government that's heavily subsidising oil and gas through tax breaks while seeking to ruin the prospects for wind power."

Alexandra Phillips, presently a Green councillor in Brighton & Hove, added: "The nations that led the world into dependency on oil, gas and coal must now take a similar lead in making the vital shift to renewables. And that means the UK: this country needs to stop the excuses that it's waiting to see who else will blink first and show some leadership in changing from dirty to clean energy."

She continued: "The UN's IPCC report now makes it clear that the cost of renewable energy is falling rapidly enough to make it entirely affordable. It's completely outdated to say that renewables are too expensive or a drain on the economy. The old excuses from the apologists for old energy are simply no longer true."

Keith Taylor concluded: "The UK can and should spearhead the move in Europe towards clean, affordable, renewable energy production. But sadly none of the larger political parties in this country are ever likely to do so, with their commitments to North Sea and fracking wells.

"Only the Greens – the fourth largest party in the EU – have the foresight and the independence from vested business interests to implement the United Nation's recommendations. We're the only political party in the UK in favour of an EU renewable energy target and the only party to demand an immediate halt to fracking.

"In the European elections next month, only a vote for the Green Party will make a genuine difference to the way we respond to climate change."



Notes for editors

The Green Party is standing ten candidates in the May 2014 European elections, led by current Green MEP Keith Taylor and Councillor Alexandra Phillips, who is presently a member of the Green council administration in Brighton & Hove.

The full list of candidates may be found at

For further information please contact Rob Shepherd: [email protected] or 07802 951421

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