Green Euro candidate marches for equality

Brighton Stonewall walk

Green MEP candidate and Brighton & Hove councillor Alexandra Phillips – tipped to become the Greens' second MEP in the South East and one of a new wave of Green MEPs across the country in this month's Euro elections – yesterday joined Green MP Caroline Lucas and other Green councillors and supporters at Stonewall's Equality Walk in Brighton, celebrating 25 years of Stonewall

The Brighton Stonewall Equality Walk started at noon with entertainment in the Brighton's Pavilion Gardens and then set off at 2pm on a 10k route taking in the sights of the city.

Councillor Alexandra Phillips walked with Caroline Lucas MP, Councillors Mike Jones and Phélim Mac Cafferty and two friends (photo provided).

Councillor Phillips said: "In the year that Equal Marriage became a reality and in a city that celebrates diversity as well as Brighton & Hove, it is shocking that sometimes homophobia and homophobic bullying still raise their ugly heads.

"As a teacher and a bisexual, I particularly sympathise with the thousands of young gay people in the South East whose lives at school are made a misery by homophobic language and attitudes. It's something we urgently need to stamp it out, helped by Stonewall's campaign 'Gay. Let’s Get the Meaning Straight'."

LGBT rights is a centrepoint of Alexandra Phillips' European parliamentary campaign.

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