Green Euro candidate Alexandra Phillips wins election debate by a landslide

Alexandra Phillips – tipped to become the Greens' second MEP in the South East and one of a new wave of Green MEPs across the country in next week's Euro elections – was today announced as the clear winner in a European election debate held last Friday.


Alexandra Phiillips - Green Euro candidateThe debate, held last Friday lunchtime before an audience of students at Uckfield Community Technology College (UCTC), was on the question of whether UK should remain in the EU. Alexandra, who spoke in favour of remaining in the EU, was the resounding winner; the other winner was Europe itself.

Dan Buschle, speaking for the college, said: "The UCTC 6th form seat goes to Alexandra Phillips with 53% of the vote, winning by a landslide. Congratulations.

"UCTC 6th formers wish to remain in the EU. Total for the 'yes' vote rose from just under 80% in 2013 to nearly 90%."

Alexandra Phillips commented: "It's heartening to see just how many young people are in favour of  being part of Europe – an enormous 90% of our audience – and how many are in favour of the Greens' vision of a reformed Europe. And this comes in the same week as the Green Party has risen to second place in the polls for votes aged 18-24."

The debate in Uckfield was one of a long series of hustings and debates that Ms Phillips is attending around the South East of England in the run-up to the European elections on May 22.


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