Green candidates vow to prioritise Europe-wide fracking ban

Following tomorrow's European elections, Green MEPs will be stepping up the pressure on shale extraction and calling for a Europe-wide ban on fracking.


The move comes as support for fracking drops to less than 50% of Britain and following the UK government's blocking of European Commission proposals – in January – that would have introduced a degree of regulation for the fracking industry.

Keith Taylor, Green MEP for the South East of England and candidate for re-election, said: "The UK government is heavily in support of fracking, with noisy encouragement, new legislation and tax breaks, not to mention attempts to block perfectly reasonable European regulation.

"But the British people do not agree. The more they learn about fracking, the less they like it. And here in the South East, with fracking sites on our doorsteps, opposition to fracking is growing every day."

The Greens' No 2 European candidate in the South East, Alexandra Phillips, said: "We're hearing worse and worse news from the Antarctic about the effects of climate change. We could be very close to a major rise in sea levels. But what's happening at home? We simply cannot afford the UK government's unprincipled dash towards a whole new, very dirty fossil fuel industry. Nor do we want to turn the South East's countryside into a wasteland of fracking towers and oil wells."

Keith Taylor MEP added: "Green policies in Europe are the solution not only to the threats posed by fracking but to the clean opportunities offered by tried and tested renewable energy technologies.

"While other political parties loudly support fracking or refuse to speak out against it, the Greens already represent the wishes of the majority of Britain in opposing fracking. A Europe-wide ban on fracking would speed up the much-needed transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy."



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