In a landmark achievement, the Green Party has reached an impressive milestone of over 800 councillors across England and Wales, each dedicated to driving positive change within their communities. This success in the 2024 local elections demonstrates the growing support for our party’s commitment to environmental sustainability, social justice, and grassroots democracy.

One of our most notable victories came in the Bristol Central Constituency, where all councillors are now Green, paving the way for significant influence in one of our target areas for the upcoming General Election. Additionally, the Green Party has secured the majority in Mid Suffolk, further establishing strongholds that can lead to even greater success on the national stage.

.In London, the Green Party achieved remarkable results despite the shift to a first-past-the-post voting system for the mayoral election. The re-election of our three outstanding assembly members is a testament to the party’s resilience and popularity. Additionally, Greens gained 10 councillors in Bristol, positioning us as the largest party on Bristol Council and just a whisker away from overall control.

The success story continues in Hastings, where the Green Party climbed from the fourth-largest party to the largest, gaining eight new councillors. Worcester now boasts 12 Green councillors, while significant breakthroughs were made in Redditch, Bolton, Sefton, Newcastle, and South Norfolk, with the election of their first-ever Green councillors.

Reigate & Banstead saw a dramatic shift as 13 Green councillors now hold the position of the second-largest party, moving the council to No Overall Control from previously being Tory-dominated. In South Tyneside, the Green Party captured a remarkable 48% of the vote, while the Tories and Labour experienced significant losses, with 18% and 15% drops respectively.

Overall, the Green Party has gained an additional 74 seats nationwide, emerging as the largest party on numerous councils and achieving ‘first Green’ breakthroughs in many more areas. These results reflect the increasing confidence that voters have in the Green Party’s vision for a fairer, greener country.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to everyone who voted Green, stood as a candidate, or contributed to our campaigns. Your dedication and support are instrumental in building a sustainable and just future for all. Together, we are making history and driving meaningful change across the UK.

See the full results Here.