Great Green results across the South East

The Greens have put in a strong performance across the South East with Caroline Lucas holding Brighton Pavilion with a greatly increased majority and Ann Duncan coming in third in Oxford East.

It was a record night for Greens nationally - quadrupling their share of the vote, retaining a record number of around 100 deposits and beating the Lib Dems in 126 seats (compared with one in 2010). 

The Caroline Lucas win in Brighton Pavilion was a tremendous high with a 10.5% increase to 41.8%. She said:

“But there’s not a moment to lose. Amid the most savage, targeted austerity cuts in modern history, and with parties set on wringing 'every last drop of oil' from the North Sea, even as climate change accelerates - the urgency of a strong, clear Green voice in Parliament has never been greater.

“We will hold Parliament to account and push for real reform – starting with proportional representation, for a politics that looks far more like the people it’s supposed to represent".

Some of the best results were in the South East. Vix Lowthion in the Isle of Wight polled 13.4% (up 12%) share of the vote and came in third. Ann Duncan in Oxford East  polled 11.6%. She said: "

"We're very pleased that our campaign led to a five-fold increase compared to 2010. The Green increase (9.2%) was the highest of any party. It reflects clear support for the Green's agenda in Oxford, and shows that voters who support the party at local elections are increasingly prepared to support it in national polls."

Greens were also celebrating Darren Hall's success in Bristol West, where he came second - with a 23% increase in the Green share of the vote.

Green leader Natalie Bennett, who won a record result in Holborn & St Pancras, said:

"The Green surge has only just begun. Retaining Caroline Lucas, our wonderful Green MP for Brighton Pavilion, and recording at least four second-place finishes puts the Greens firmly on track to make further electoral breakthroughs.

"I am immensely proud to have led the party into a General Election where we have been able to stand more Green candidates than ever before, recorded our best ever share of the vote and saved more deposits than ever before".

The Greens fielded 83 candidates in 84 seats in the South East. The Basingstoke candidates are involved in a legal challenge for the right to stand as a job share.

 Jonathan Essex, Chair of South East Greens, said:

"Well done for every door knocked, every leaflet delivered, every empowering conversation and every moment standing up with honesty and integrity for what we believe in. Thanks especially to all who helped our amazing success of Team Caroline and the excellent result in Oxford East".


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