Get the Green view on the EU Referendum

The South East Green Party and Keith Taylor MEP are on hand for any media quotes, interviews or panels on the EU referendum.  The Green Party has a unique contribution to make to this debate, emphasising the positive benefits of EU membership and also its reform agenda for the EU.

South East MEP Keith Taylor said:

"It is essential that voters are offered a wide range of viewpoints and perspectives. I am hearing from residents across the South East that they are frustrated by the personality-led, negative, and misleading campaigning that is drawing the most media attention.

 As Greens, we are offering a distinctive, loud and positive alternative to the politics of personality and fear. We're putting environmental and climate change arguments at the forefront of our campaign to Remain in the EU. These important issues are becoming increasingly marginalised in the debate [1]."

 South East Chair Councillor Jonathan Essex said:

“Being part of the EU has made a big difference in the South East with EU funding for projects which benefit the environment and create jobs, cleaner beaches and better nature protection”.

 Please get in touch if you need a Green Party speaker or quote – we have a panel of experts across the region to call on.





To arrange an interview with Keith Taylor MEP or for further information please contact:

Liam Ward, Press Officer to Keith Taylor MEP:  075188 64210    0207 250 8418  [email protected]

For other interviews or quotes please contact Vicki Elcoate 07982 42453 or Emma Leigh on

[email protected] / 07800 550317




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