Fossil fuel tide

A growing tide of fossil fuel developments is looming over the hills and dales of the South East and Greens are needed to unite against this threat. There are campaigns in Surrey and West Sussex, including the South Downs National Park, and still time to act.


Markwell’s Wood, Rowlands Castle, West Sussex: this planning application for 20 years of drilling from four wells is currently with the National Park Authority to decide. Please write in your objection wherever you live – the National Park is there for all of us to conserve and enjoy. All documents here.

Kirdford and Wisborough Green: local campaigners have mounted a legal challenge to the extension of the existing licence by two years. This keeps the possibility of drilling active, even though the application was turned down by West Sussex County Council.

Billingshurst, West Sussex: Drilling is likely to start soon here

Leith Hill, Surrey: Planning permission has been given for exploratory drilling in the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. But permission is still needed for various permits including a controversial traffic management plan. Campaigners are monitoring the permits here and will be objecting to the plan. If you’d like to know more visit the Voice For Leith Hill Facebook page and support their campaign.

Horsehill, Surrey: Following flow testing more drilling is likely here after results were favourable for the company (UKOG) which is the main stakeholder in all these activities apart from Leith Hill.

Finally, some words and a video from Julian Everett of the Voice for Leith Hill campaign and Mole Valley Greens: “A few weeks ago I went for a walk under the long shadows and deep blue sky of early morning in Bury Hill Wood on Leith Hill. It was an experience of both deep joy and deep sadness, like seeing a dear friend who is becoming gravely ill. Walking amongst the trees, the immediate beauty of the birdsong, the proud tree trunks and the leaves swaying in the gentle breeze was underscored by the savage tragedy of knowing that this might be the last summer of innocence those woods will know”. Drilling is due to start soon after Christmas.


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