Donate to reduce flood risks

£80.00 raised
GOAL: £4,000.00

One thing has become clearer than ever. The climate is changing. And as the mops come out and the floods gradually subside, we're going to have to come to terms with something else. We aren't taking enough—not nearly enough—action against carbon emissions.

We all know that the technology exists. It's been clear for years what needs to happen. The problem isn't a want for solutions, but a lack of political will. And it's not that people don't want action on climate change – the majority do. It's that the vested interests of the oil industry are stopping us.

We need to raise cash to help spread the word to get more support.

  • With £10 we could print 300 leaflets.
  • With £50 we could hire a hall for a public meeting.
  • With £100 we could bring our message to people searching online about flooding and climate change.
  • With £200 we could deliver a leaflet to all the flooded areas of a town.

Please help by chipping in. Because the thought of the European parliament full of oil industry lobbyists, but with few Greens to stand up to them is terrifying. We can't let it happen. What you give now will make a difference for the next five years in the European Parliament, and beyond that!

Please complete and submit the donation form below. If you cannot donate online, please send a cheque, made out to South East Green Party, to our treasurer, Susan Murray, 16 Clare Rd, Lewes BN7 1PN.

Who's donating: from Wantage, United Kingdom donated. Thank you!

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