Disciplinary representative election result

Yasmin Aytüre has been elected as the representative of South East Green Party members on the national disciplinary committee.

722 Green Party members in South East England voted to select our representative to serve on the national party's disciplinary committee for 2 years.

The Disciplinary Committee is a body of the Green Party of England and Wales which handles all complaints of disciplinary nature that cannot be resolved at Local or Regional Party level. It investigates complaints alleging a member has contravened the constitution, committed a serious breach of standards in the party's code of conduct or brought the Green Party into disrepute. The South East Green Party and some local parties have disciplinary and disputes committees, but not every issue can be resolved locally, so we also need a national committee to investigate and rule on complaints.

STV ballot results

Our members ranked 4 candidates in an STV ballot. 

    Stage 2 Stage 3  
Candidates First
Exclusion of
Exclusion of
Leo Littman
Leo Littman 183 31 214 -214 -  
Yasmin Aytüre 220 40 260 128 388 Elected
Nicholas Freestone 101 -101 -   -  
Daniel James 218 26 244 47 291  
Non-transferable   4 4 39 43  
Totals 722   722   722  

Yasmin Aytüre had 57% of the votes in the final round.

The turnout was 7.7%.

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  • Victoria Moll-Walsh
  • Antonio Testa
  • Kate Rosie
  • Rebecca Whitcher
  • Ricky Baker
  • Sabine Murray
  • Ricardo Marrero
  • Trish Moore
  • Christine Clark
  • Gemma Mcfarlane

Victoria Moll-Walsh just joined.