Day 8 in Banbury and Witney

Speaking to commuters outside Banbury Station Bus by the Ducklington duck pond

I spent the morning in Banbury, meeting rail commuters, then travelled to Duckington and Witney in the afternoon, where I drove around town, speaking to people, asking them to vote Green on 22 May 2014.

Banbury Party Team and Keith TaylorBanbury

I was up early to get to Banbury train station by 0830. My helpers spoke to commuters on the way to the trains. See Keith Taylor and Banbury and Cherwell Green Party members jumping for joy after giving leaflets to so many travellers.

Ducklington and Witney

Later in the morning I drove to Ducklington, a typical Oxfordshire village just on the outskirts of Witney. I parked by the duck pond (see me above) and enjoyed the kind of beautiful countryside that the Green Party has been protecting from developers.

Then Stuart Macdonald got on board, and I drove him around Witney, while he exhorted the people of Witney to vote Green in 2014, in both the local and European elections.

Stuart is our candidate for Ducklington, competing to replace the Conservative councillor who tried to serve his constituents from Thailand. Stuart is also our selected parliamentary candidate, ready to take on David Cameron next year. He told me the tragic story of Mark Wood, who had helped Stuart campaign in the last general election, but starved to death last year after his benefits were cut.

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