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I was the Campaign Manager for the South East Green Party, working on the campaign for the European elections on 22 May 2014. I am also the Elections Co-ordinator for the Oxfordshire Green Party. I was part of the team that set up this new web site,

I have been a member of the Green Party for over 40 years, after returning to the UK from Kenya, where I had worked in an Appropriate Technology Centre on energy-efficient charcoal cooking stoves, such as the Kenya Ceramic Jiko.

I am convinced that we cannot continue to destroy our children's future by over-exploiting the planet's resources to meet the needs of the rich. This requires both technical and political change.

Here is a film I made at the Film Oxford Video Production course: The Watcher.


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    Please sign to help stop massive marina development in Old Hastings!

    Hastings Marina Petition

    Fishing boats in Old Hastings
    © Brian Bailey
    Brighton Marina
    © Google maps

    Do you want this beach to turn into something like Brighton Marina?

    There is a proposal to develop a marina complex by Hastings Harbour Quarter Ltd, which threatens to erect a high rise concrete structure just off the beach below the cliffs at Rock-a-Nore in Hastings Old Town, with at least 1300 high value homes, along with a harbour and berths for up to 600 leisure boats. The proposal would also require widening of access roads and building commercial facilities such as shops and restaurants on the current beach. More details can be found in this Hastings Online Times article.

    Please sign the petition below. The Hastings Green Party will email you updates on matters relating to this development.

    1,210 signatures

    We call upon Hastings Borough Council to cease co-operation with Hastings Harbour Quarter Ltd on their proposal to develop a marina complex on the beach at Hastings Old Town, including at least 1300 homes.

    We believe this project would do irrevocable harm to some of the most precious assets of Hastings. These include the Rock-a-Nore cliffs, the Stade with its 1000 year old fishing beach, the medieval Old Town and the historic sites of Hastings Castle and East and West Hill. It would destroy the character of one of the best loved parts of our town. The site is completely inappropriate for such a massive development and the housing will almost certainly be unaffordable to local people.

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    You could be a Green Party candidate

    Have you thought of standing for the Green Party in an election? Right now local Green Parties across the South East are looking for candidates to stand in every local council ward, so that every voter can vote Green.

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    Local Party News

    News from local Green Parties in SE England.

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    Data volunteer

    Data-driven campaigning is what won Obama the presidency in 2012, and gave the Conservative Party a majority in 2015. So we need more people to work on data for the Green Party.

    We need data analysts (people who can create models of where we will get more Green votes) in the region, data entry clerks in local parties, and data managers.

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    The bus is carbon neutral. it burns vegetable oil, produced by photosynthesis, that would otherwise be thrown away, as it is fat that is left after cooking chips.

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    There is no Green Party apart from its members and supporters. It is not a case of people visiting from London, but local people joining the Isle of Wight Greens. There was a meeting on Friday, see , which also gives contact details for the local party. Please get in touch with them, they need your help, Ewald.

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    Some people have asked if social media volunteers need to come in to a Green Party office. No need. Everything listed above can be done from home.

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    Would a white background behind the text, or just a paler sky work better for you, Luis?

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    Help the Greens in the South East

    We're aiming to offer voters a Green choice wherever they live in the South East and win in our target areas.

    Please can you volunteer a little of your time to help.

    There are some simple things everyone can start doing right now.

    • Spread the word on social media: Retweet @SEGreenParty, like the South East Green Party Facebook page, and share our posts. And when people respond start conversations, you can invite them to sign up for something on this web site.
    • Get in touch with your local Green Party. They need help with events and election related activity, which will get busier as May 2018 approaches.

    Below are the ways you can help us. Tick all those that you can do. Together we can make a difference for the common good.

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Ph.D. in Appropriate Technology. Worked on the Kenya Ceramic Jiko, and other e-democracy initiatives.