David Williams

David WilliamsI would wish to be a candidate to promote Green Party policies because I believe those polices are the only way to save humanity on this planet and to bring about social justice for all. I believe I have the skills and experience to make a success of these central objectives.

I was born in a poor area of Salford into a working class family. That experience has made me committed to seeking an egalitarian society in this the most unequal Western European nation.

In 1971 I joined CND and established a pattern of campaigning against war for the rest of my life. From Vietnam to Syria I have a long and sustained record of speaking at hundreds of demos and meetings, campaigning against what seems an endless catalogue of suffering from wars.

Professionally I was for 20 years a senior lecturer in FE and HE teaching politics before becoming deeply involved with international economic development and international student recruitment. My first involvement with the EU was working as election agent for Barbara Castle MEP. Later I became very familiar with the workings of the EU Commission whilst seeking grant aid in Brussels for major integration projects for countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

For years I worked via the Labour and Coop Movement but when Labour took up neo liberal Thatcherism supporting privatisation, cuts in public spending and showing an indifference to the greatest challenge ever facing humanity…. Climate Change, I joined the Green Party whose policies reflect my views perfectly. Corbyn has not changed the Labour Party only the rhetoric.
I have a record of extensive and sustained political activity over the last 40 years. This has ranged from being Peter Tatchell’s political agent to the most recent anti BREXIT street campaigns

For 32 years I served as a local councillor holding many major offices such as Chair of Education Committee and pushing through progressive policies such as the abolition of corporal punishment and multicultural education.
In Oxford I served on Oxford City Council for many years and became the Leader of the Green group. Later I was elected as the Leader of the Greens on Oxfordshire County Council. I am proud of all the work we did fighting the cuts and demanding a greener environment in a multitude of campaigns.

Any candidate must have the ability to handle the media. Over a 40 year period I have appeared on the TV many times and been a regular in local printed media and radio.

I represent my union (UCU) on the local Trades Council and have taken a special interest in animal rights campaigns firstly with the League Against Cruel Sports in Colne Valley and now with PETA in Oxford.

Now as the Parliamentary candidate for Oxford East and as Chair of the constituency party I am leading a formidable campaigning team.

So far I have stood four times as a parliamentary candidate and know how to speak and campaign on national and international issues.

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