Vote Green to tackle the climate emergency

Recharge the fight against climate changeThere is a Climate Emergency and we must be Carbon Neutral by 2030.

Greens are the only MEPs prepared to move quickly and tackle, not duck, the difficult decisions needed on climate change. We have 11 short years to tackle the climate emergency and need a Green Voice in in the EU more than ever.

The more Green MEPs we have, the more we can work internationally to build a safer, better future for you and our planet. UK Greens are committed to working alongside our European friends to build a better future for all of us.

Climate change is the defining challenge of our times. Without addressing climate change, humanity will create momentous havoc and render many parts of the globe basically uninhabitable including the EU and the United Kingdom. But the answer to the climate crisis does exist: Our energy generation must be from 100% renewable sources, we must use our energy efficiently, phase out fossil energy and nuclear power whilst creating quality sustainable jobs in affected regions.

As Greens we’ve been deeply inspired by the sight of young people fighting for their future in the Youth Strikes for Climate and the citizen-led Extinction Rebellion. All our policies draw on our understanding of the need to protect our precious planet and the climate that allows us to live.

Will you pledge your vote to fight climate change?

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