Introducing our candidates

The Green Party has put together a strong list of 10 candidates to represent SE England in the European Parliament. The more people vote for the Green list, the more will go to work for you in Brussels.

  1. Keith Taylor
  2. Alexandra Phillips
  3. Derek Wall
  4. Jason Kitcat
  5. Miriam Kennet
  6. Beverly Golden
  7. Jonathan Essex
  8. Jonathan Kent
  9. Stuart Jeffery
  10. Ray Cunningham

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  • David Newman
    commented 2014-05-01 11:28:24 +0100
    The bus is carbon neutral. it burns vegetable oil, produced by photosynthesis, that would otherwise be thrown away, as it is fat that is left after cooking chips.
  • Ewald Widiner
    commented 2014-05-01 11:24:10 +0100
    Farage with UKIP is in the News since ages and the Greens are not even getting there Ideas to the people on the High Street in my town Ryde on the Ile of Wight( last time votes 900 Green,27000 Tory) I don’t think driving around in a painted green Buss will change Voters minds a the last minutes to the EU election ,it perhaps works against the Green Party if that Bus has no e engine and driving around in a Buss that omits 2-3 grams if not more of CO2/mile is a genius undertaking not to vote for the Greens !

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