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Bus_in_Brighton_May_6th.jpgThe Green Party battle bus has arrived back in Brighton and Hove today (May 6) on the last leg of its campaign tour around the South of England. 

The bus has been to the Greens' target seats in Bristol, Oxford, Cambridge and Reading and today is by the Peace Statue in Hove until 5pm. Tomorrow (polling day) you can join it touring Brighton from 9am round the Old Steine, Sussex University Campus and Kemptown. The bus is famously (but not always reliably) fuelled by recycled chip fat.

On Saturday it was the location of a youth rally in Brighton with Caroline Lucas, deputy leader Amelia Womack and comedian Mark Steel. 

The Green Party has the largest youth wing of any political party in England and Wales with nearly 18,000 members and the event attracted a good turnout of younger members, including those too young to vote under the current rules (the Greens would lower the voting age to 16).

Yesterday Natalie Bennett joined the bus in Cambridge to talk about climate change. She pointed up the Greens' policies on home insulation, carbon targets, fracking and tighter controls on the energy companies.

The bus will then retire to Somerset, its home, pending the next election.  


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