A trade treaty too far

A secretly negotiated trade deal is poised to wreck our NHS, undermine the protection we enjoy at work and water down our rights as consumers, unless we stop it now.

Called the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) it’s a pact between the EU and the US that would allow corporations to sue the UK government if it does anything that might hurt their profits—such as protect the NHS, our environment, animals or consumer safety.

EU bureaucrats and David Cameron are on the same side, selling this as a 'free trade' treaty. But deals like this have been done elsewhere, such as in Australia and Germany, where ‘investor clauses’ let corporations take governments to secret courts for protecting people and Phillip Morris sued Australia over plain packaging for cigarettes. Germany, meanwhile, is being sued by electricity firms for phasing our nuclear power.

Greens believe in democracy and that all decisions should be taken as locally as possible. This treaty is worse than the worst of EU bureaucracy because it takes power away from voters and gives it to unaccountable corporate fat cats and allows them to use it secretly.

If we allow this to go through US companies will be able to demand the right too compete against the NHS—which will be the beginning of the end of the health service we love.

If we insist on better protection for animals, or try to stand up for people’s right not to be sacked without reason, big corporations will be able to go to secret courts to try to stop us. There’s no option—we must put people before profits and stop this wicked treaty.

says South East Green MEP Keith Taylor.

  • The Greens are the only party committed to stopping the TTIP treaty.
  • Greens led the fight that resulting in the ACTA treaty being thrown out,
    • a treaty that would have restricted consumer rights and freedom of expression.
  • Greens want EU powers given back to national and local governments wherever possible.

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