20 mph in residential roads

20 mph protest signGreens right across the South East have been pushing for better protection for our children in the streets where they live by placing 20mph limits on residential roads. In Kent 85–90% of people right across the county support the zones.

And it’s hardly surprising. A survey carried out across Europe found that go-slow zones in the places we live cut child road-accidents by 67%. “That’s amazing,” says Green MEP candidate Stuart Jeffrey from Maidstone. “Think of all the heartache we can save simply by getting drivers to slow down on side streets. Every child is precious, none more than your own.”

Road crashes are the biggest killer of children over five and child pedestrians are three times more likely to die on our roads than those in Italy and twice as likely than those in France. Twenty MPH zones also make our roads safer for cyclists and cut traffic.

In Maidstone the Green party has been encouraging residents in Maidstone to put big 20mph signs on their wheelie bins to remind drivers to go more slowly.

Green MEP for Kent and East Sussex, Keith Taylor, says it’s time local councils took note.

Local people have been asking for sensible speed limits in residential streets for the last 25 years—but the councils seem to be determined to ignore their worries.

It shouldn’t need a prod from Brussels to sort this kind of thing out, but we do need urgent action. Greens in the European Parliament want safer transport and we’re doing everything we can to help deliver it.

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