Blame bankers, not migrants says Green Euro candidate to Farage at Eu debate

A candidate for the European Parliament has attacked Nigel Farage for his stance on immigration at a debate in a school in Broadstairs, Kent.

In a heated debate at St George's Church of England Foundation School, Alexandra Phillips, who is bidding to be the Green Party’s second MEP for South East England, told Farage that:

Migrants are simply a convenient scapegoat for the problems we face in the UK. Afterall it is not them that are to blame for the crisis but bankers, like Farage and his mates in the City of London.

Ms Phillips’ attack on Farage came after he was subject to a protest in Kent earlier in the day.

Speaking after the debate Alex Phillips, a councillor in Brighton said:

It’s time that someone stands up to Nigel Farage. He tours the country and fills the airwaves with his rhetoric on immigration, but it has little basis in fact. Pointing the finger at migrants, whilst advocating economic policies that favour the rich, shows us where Farage’s priorities lie.

After the bankers caused the crash we’ve seen cuts to public services, wages stagnating and, conveniently for the political class, an increase in vicious rhetoric on migrants. It’s time that politicians stop spouting bile on migration and hold to account those responsible for the problems we’re facing.

Ms Phillips is second on the Green Party list for the European Parliament elections, which will be help on Thursday 22nd May 2014. The Green Party already has one Euro-MP for the South East of England, Keith Taylor.

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    Hi Luiz. Thanks for pointing this out. The site is still fairly new, and a few pages have not been displaying as they should. I have added the white background to this one now (plus a couple others I noticed)
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    Sorry to point out a problem but this combination of of text colour and background has rendered the article unreadable.

    I’d love to read it if I could!

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