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  • Help us get a councillor elected to Southampton City Council

    Southampton & District Green Party are working hard to get a Councillor
    elected to the Southampton City Council.

    This is especially difficult as the political rivalry in the City can at
    times be fiendish.

    Please consider donating as a Green Councillor in Southampton will be a
    beacon of hope to the whole party:

  • published Chesham & Amersham By-Election 2021-05-27 16:13:43 +0100

    Chesham & Amersham By-Election

    Photo Matt Writtle @copyright Matt Writtle 2021

    With a professional background in charity and education, Carolyne Culver is an experienced Green councillor and dedicated anti-HS2 campaigner. Culver will work tirelessly to protect the communities and environments under threat from HS2 in the Chesham and Amersham constituency.

    She is the only by-election candidate endorsed by the StopHS2 campaign, and the Green Party is the only party genuinely committed to stopping this devastating project. Carolyne will fight to protect the chalk aquifer, Rivers Chess and Misbourne and drinking water supplies under threat from tunnelling. As MP her priorities will include securing real investment in local transport infrastructure, education, the NHS and adult social care, and she will oppose new Conservative planning changes that threaten local democracy and greenbelt.

    Carolyne says, "As MP I will work tirelessly for residents to secure investment in local transport infrastructure, education, the NHS and adult social care, and I will oppose new Conservative planning changes that could threaten local democracy."

    This by-election is the chance to put the wanton waste of money that is the HS2 vanity project under the spotlight. This by-election is a chance to highlight the disregard that the current government hold for those without a voice and for our environment. This by-election is a chance to show Greens are on the up.

    Please give what you can to our Chesham & Amersham by-election Crowdfunder - anything you can spare will help. If you can't spare cash (and we know things have been really tight for a lot of you), then can you join our Action Days or offer other help such as calling volunteers? If so, please fill out our form Thank you!

    See our doc for more detailed information about the background and the area.

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