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  • wants to volunteer 2019-10-03 06:57:34 +0100

    Digital conference volunteer

    We ran a digital engagement pilot in the Spring 2019 Green Party conference from 7 to 10 June. The technology worked but the publicity was so bad that only a handful of people took part.

    So we are running a second pilot at the Autumn 2019 conference. Sunday 6 October will be the digital engagement day.

    The aim is to explore ways people who cannot get to our conference could participate in the future. This was one of the things members voted for in the Holistic Review report.

    On that day there will be sessions when members can go online, view a live stream of part of the conference and either send questions for a speaker to answer or vote on a motion. As this is only a trial to test the technologies the online votes will not count. We will evaluate the experiences of people inside and outside the conference to find out how to make this a permanent future of conference from 2020. Will they be able to follow the conference from outside? And will their debates be better or worse than the ones inside?

    We will be using audience engagement software, as used in school classrooms and conferences to quickly get audience reactions. Using it, members at home or in local party meetings will be able to type in questions for speakers to answer in panels and vote in workshops. 

    We need volunteers to help the test sessions. You can volunteer from home or from inside the conference.

    • Before the conference you can:
      • create polls based on the questions in the final agenda (needs editing skills)
      • create a page to embed both the polls and the video and audio streams (needs CSS and JavaScript skills)
      • organise a conference watching meeting, when a group of people get together in a member's house or a local meeting room to watch conference on a large enough screen.
    • During the conference:
      • At home, you can facilitate online question and answer sessions and schedule polls on motions and amendments.
      • Inside the conference, you can set up laptops in the trial conference sessions. Then, working with the session chair, you can set up Q&A sessions and edit polling sessions. The Green Party is offering free conference registration on Sunday for volunteers.

    I will be arranging online training sessions before the conference. Please sign up below to help inside or outside the conference.

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  • donated 2019-06-04 17:46:21 +0100

    Buy tickets

    The amount for your event tickets should already be filled in. Click on the continue button to pay.


  • endorsed 2019-03-14 05:36:52 +0000

    Climate Emergency Hastings - Sign up!

    Are you troubled by the reality of climate change and ecological breakdown? Would you like to do something about it? Do you want to influence our council to make real changes that might help us all?

    If the answer is yes to any of the above then join the Green party in supporting our council to declare a Climate Emergency and begin meaningful action. Read the practical steps we can take locally to mitigate the worst causes and affects of climate breakdown here and sign the endorsement fields below.

    You can get it signed on behalf of your family, friends, work place or organisation. Please let us know below if you are signing on behalf of an organisation. We are intending to publish this as an open letter in the local press in January 2019 and would like this to be a cross party call from organisations, businesses and groups all over Hastings. This affects us all. There is no bigger challenge. Let's face it together.


  • wants to volunteer 2018-05-22 16:49:54 +0100

    Help the Greens in the South East

    We want to double the number of Green MEPs for South East England.

    Please can you volunteer a little of your time to help.

    There are some simple things everyone can start doing right now.

    Below are the ways you can help us. Tick all those that you can do. Together we can make a difference for the common good.

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  • wants to volunteer 2018-02-06 20:06:06 +0000

    Campaign online for the Green Party

    Over 10,000 people have joined the Green Party in SE England in 2015. We now need everyone's help to build on that to change our part of England, campaigning to get more Green Party councillors elected and changing things in your area.

    The best way to reach voters is to knock on doors and talk to them. But not everyone lives close to a winable council ward. So if you would like to help across the south east, sign up here to help out in our online campaigns.

    Rather than just ask for volunteers in general, we have broken down what we need into different tasks. Down below you will tick the tasks that you can do. But first, let me explain what is needed. We are following the tactics used successfully in the Obama 2008 and SNP 2011 elections. We need teams of volunteers to:

    1. Write an edit interesting pages on this site, that people will read.
    2. Design and send out messages that will provoke a reaction in social media. Something that will get people to like or comment on Facebook, or to retweet or reply on Twitter.
    3. Encourage our friends to forward these messages, to reach wider audiences.
    4. Take turns monitoring responses to this message, for a few hours a week, and start conversations with our followers, encouraging them to sign a form on the site, starting their journey to become an active supporter.

    Through that process, we will recruit supporters everywhere, people who will later organise local meetings, donate money and get their friends to vote in May 2016. Using this very technique, the SNP built an e-mail list of 50,000 voters in 90 days in 2011.

    Tick all the relevant boxes for the ways you can and will help get more Greens elected.

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