Andrew Wainwright

Andrew WainwrightHow do you react when not one but two prime ministers tell you their ideology is necessary because of now-debunked economic theories? My reaction was to stop and think. How can we find hundreds of billions to rescue banks but nothing to address climate change? I gave up my career as a CTO of software companies and went back to university. I learned how Economics can help us build a greener, fairer society and I am determined to do all I can to bring that about.

We are heading towards a social tipping point. More and more of us are alarmed about the coming climate catastrophe and want the world’s governments to do more. Climate records are broken all the time and disasters more and more common. Very soon now, some new climate crisis will strike which will shock everyone. When that happens, the Green Party has to be ready.

We are the only party with policies to address the issues we’re facing. Fee & Dividend, Land Value Tax and Basic Income have the power to transform our society. These policies are needed now and we have to be ready for the social tipping point which will demand their implementation.

Andrew Wainwright
07710 336007

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