Alexandra Phillips, MEP candidate for SE England

Growing up in Liverpool in the 1990s, Alex witnessed a city trying to recover from the effects of government cuts and an erosion of traditional manafacturing jobs. In 2003, following the disappointment of New Labour and Tony Blair dragging Britain into the Iraq war, Alex joined the Green Party, attracted by the party's strong values on social justice and standing up for ordinary people.

Alex has been teaching secondary French for the last decade. Alex feels passionate that every child has a good education. She also understands that children, parents, schools and teachers have been badly let down by successive governments who have focussed too much on politics and not enough on meeting the needs of students.

A local councillor since 2009, representing the Goldsmid ward in Hove, Alex has worked tirelessly putting her residents first. Both in the council chamber and out, Alex has been a campaigner for safer roads and safer streets in Hove. Along with fellow councillors, she has taken a lead in protecting crucial public services for elderly and disabled adults.

A campaigner with her local Compassion In World Farming group, Alex has lobbied at all levels of government against cruel live animal exports from Dover and Ramsgate in Kent and against foie gras being served in some of Brighton and Hove's restaurants.

In the European Parliament, Alex will continue to fight for improved protection for animals and will stand alongside communities in the South East opposed to dangerous fracking firms.

Alex has lived in Brighton and Hove for the last six years. She received a Batchelor of Arts (Honours) in French Studies from The University of London Institute in Paris. Alex obtained her PGCE from The University of London Institute of Education.

Alexandra Phillips, Councillor for Goldsmid ward, Hove.

Campaigner for national health charity, ex-teacher, @GreenParty Cllr #Regency ward & Deputy Mayor @BrightonHoveCC , PPC for Kemptown, wife to @tomdruitt , Mum.