Alan Francis

Alan FrancisI wish to represent the Green Party as a candidate on the SE list for the Euro election. Having been an active member of the party for 39 years I have considerable experience. I have been a candidate in 9 general elections, 3 European Parliament elections and for district, county and unitary council elections more than 30 times. I have a lot of experience of representing the Green Party at hustings and as National Transport Speaker.

In the 1999 Euros, when the Green Party first got MEPs elected, I was number 3 on the SE list and was also chair of GPEx at the time. I took part in several hustings events and was very involved in the campaign. I live in Milton Keynes but have previously lived in Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Brighton.

I have: participated in debates with MPs, ministers and candidates from other parties and public inquiries; written press releases; spoken on national and local TV and radio, conferences and demonstrations; had articles and letters published in national and local newspapers; dealt with NGOs and civil servants. Active on Twitter. Special interests: transport, energy, housing, electoral reform.

In 2001 I suggested that we used Green peer Lord Beaumont’s position to attempt to renationalise Railtrack. I drafted a Bill and Lord Beaumont arranged a debate. I wrote Lord Beaumont's proposing speech for the first ever debate in the UK Parliament initiated by the Green Party.

In the 2015 general election, as candidate in the Buckingham constituency, I organised a food bank to be set up outside Iain Duncan Smith’s house in the constituency to publicise the hardship caused by Tory cuts. This received widespread coverage on social media.

As well as being active in the Green Party I have also been active within many other groups in MK. These have included: Stantonbury and New Bradwell Parish Councils, MK Rail User Group; MK Bus Users Group, MK Forum (civic society), MK21 (Local Agenda 21 for MK), MK Energy Agency board, MK Cycle Users Group, MK Friends of the Earth, Rainbow Housing Cooperative, MK Co-operative Development Agency, MK Against the Cuts and the MK Transport Partnership.

I led the successful campaign to stop aircraft low-flying over Milton Keynes. I have campaigned against climate change, the expansion of Milton Keynes onto the surrounding green fields, austerity cuts, nuclear weapons, rail privatisation and road building. I have been campaigning for the East West Rail Link for over 30 years and more recently against the proposed East West Expressway.

I have taken part in debates with MPs, ministers and candidates from other parties, including John Bercow (Mr Speaker), Mark Lancaster, Iain Stewart, Bill (Lord) Rodgers, Steve Norris, Edwina Currie and Glenda Jackson. As Transport Speaker I have spoken in debates, radio programmes, conferences and demonstrations. I recently spoke at a meeting of Another Europe Is Possible in Milton Keynes about the adverse impact of Brexit on the environment.

I wish to offer my experience and skills to the Euro election campaign.

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  • Ben Grillet
    commented 2019-03-29 07:43:32 +0000
    Do you support the DiEM25 project? How do believe the Greens should engage with DiEM25, especially where we may wish to contest the same seat?
  • David Newman
    published this page in Select our European candidates 2019-03-20 21:10:15 +0000

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