Alan Booth

Alan BoothWhat is my Green superhero’s power? I am always angry.

I’m angry because too many times we have been encouraged to blame other people for the country’s shortcomings. We are told to look down on people who don’t fit into the soft-focus view that much of Britain has for itself. We have heard of the so-called “Skivers and Strivers”. The seedy corners of our print media will never miss a chance to pitch-in with attacks on a disabled person who relies on benefits to live but is now valued less than the “hard-working family”. It’s a polluting mantra of distraction and division.

Worse still is the insidious and the nativist hissing: “Look over there, it’s that immigrant’s fault. Blame him!” It makes my blood boil. Always has. But then I draw strength from that anger and look to turn negatives into positives. Looking for the positive choice and the positive outcome is core to my Green politics.

As Greens, we seem to see the World a little differently. First, last and always we work for the common good. We see the future in terms of how closer cooperation will bring greater benefits. And that strength of purpose is growing. I am a passionate European citizen, and since the EU Referendum result I have been fighting the for the UK’s corner to Remain in the EU. Given that we are engaged in preparations to elect MEPs I clearly believe that Brexit can still be stopped.

I’m also angry because, for the past three years or more, Brexit has been an almost complete block on any real public discussion over Climate Change. So, although David Attenborough’s comments from COP in Poland briefly broke into the news for a couple of reports, since then there has still been no serious or determined action being taken. Indeed the recent parliamentary debate, attended by only 40 MPs, saw the government’s spokesperson celebrating the UK’s “success” in CO2 emissions, failing to understand the realities and the challenges. Rays of hope have been breaking through – like the bold examples we have seen from Greta Thunberg and the #FridaysForFuture school strike movement, and further the brave and creative civil disobedience of Extinction Rebellion – show that our message is getting through and that we can and will bring about the change we must see for the planet.

I am seeking your nomination as a Green MEP candidate knowing that I follow in the footsteps of giants. You can seen my General Election and professional experience elsewhere – yes, I am someone who has always worked outside politics but I am someone who always worked on my politics – through my career in the news, I am well-informed. As such I aim to be an overnight success that has been 50 years in the making. Click through to visit my website at – please can get in touch. And follow me on Twitter at @Green4Chilterns.

Parliamentary candidate GE 2017 and reselected, Chesham & Amersham

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