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    Stay in the EU and build a better Europe

    Freedom of movementAs Greens, we are proud of the leadership Caroline Lucas has shown in resisting Brexit and steering the country towards a more positive future. We are also proud of the work our Green MEPs have done in the European Parliament, upholding the rights of EU citizens affected by Brexit and resisting attacks on the high environmental standards forged by the European Parliament. This is all at risk if we leave the EU.

    The Green Party supports a People’s Vote on Brexit, with staying in the EU as one of the options on the ballot paper, to help find a genuinely democratic route out of the Brexit chaos.

    Hands across EuropeGreen MEPs are working to build a better Europe. They are tackling the problems that cannot be solved in one country alone. They say,

    Our Green vision of Europe is that of a Europe that champions the greening of our economies, which will allow good new jobs to be created. That pursues social and generational justice and inclusive democracy. That protects its citizens and empowers them. That cherishes diversity and upholds the rule of law. That promotes international peace and the Sustainable Development Goals. We owe it to our children and we owe it to the world. We want to renew the promise of Europe. We stand for the European project. We will work to push back against and isolate those who try to convert valid criticism of deficiencies and mistakes into an anti-European, extremist and xenophobic roll-back. We say no to a Europe of nationalisms.

    Greens won the most votes of any Remain party in the last European election nationally and in the South East. Greens are now the UK’s largest Remain party in the European Parliament.

    Will you pledge your vote to stay and build a better Europe?

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