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  • wants to volunteer 2019-06-02 18:26:24 +0100

    Digital conference volunteer

    We are running a set of trials on digital engagement with the Spring 2019 conference from 7 to 10 June. We are exploring ways people who cannot get to our conference could participate in the future. This was one of the things members voted for in the Holistic Review report.

    On each of the conference days there will be sessions when members can go online, view a live stream of part of the conference and either send questions for a speaker to answer or vote on a motion. As this is only a trial to test the technologies the online votes will not count. We will evaluate the experiences of people inside and outside the conference to find out how to make this a permanent future of conference from 2020. Will they be able to follow the conference from outside? And will their debates be better or worse than the ones inside?

    We are using the Vevox audience engagement app, as used in school classrooms and conferences to quickly get audience reactions. Using it, members at home will be able to type in questions for speakers to answer in panels and vote in workshops. 

    We need volunteers to help the test sessions. You can volunteer from home or from inside the conference.

    • At home, you can facilitate online question and answer sessions and schedule polls on motions and amendments.
    • Inside the conference, you can set up laptops in the trial conference sessions, with a Vevox account and video or audio streaming. Then, working with the session chair, you can set up Q&A sessions and edit polling sessions.

    I will be arranging online training sessions before the conference and another on the Friday morning. Please sign up below to help inside or outside the conference. In the meantime, you can take a look at this Vevox video.

    or look at their training videos, such as live polling and getting started.

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