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    Support a Green breakthrough in 2021

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    GOAL: £1,000.00

    The South East Green Party is one of the biggest regions in the UK, we currently have around 10,000 members and supporters. 2021 is going to be a bumper year for elections. Will you help us make a green breakthrough on to all County Councils in the South East by donating?

    What we now need to do is build the capacity of our local parties across SE England to win elections against the well-organised operations of other parties. We need to engage more volunteers, raise more funds, and work together to target winnable seats across the region.

    Part of this work involves hosting regional events, and employing staff. Please consider chipping into help finance our soon to be winning election campaigns of 2021.


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    Is your youth and relative lack of experience a chance for a fresh pair of eyes on a tricky process? Or would you be a risky appointment given the factionalism (mentioned in another candidate statement) which can affect the way grievances are brought forward?

    Yasmin Aytüre for Disciplinary Committee

    Yasmin Ayture

    Hello, I am Yasmin, a 23-year-old living in Guildford, originally from Hastings and am also half Turkish.

    I am a new and enthusiastic member of the Green Party who is diligent, responsible and passionate about ethics. I would bring full impartiality to this role whilst simultaneously recognising the paramount importance of upholding the Green Party’s reputation optimally through fair decision-making regarding disciplinary measures.

    Having worked for the civil service in the past year, I have the approachability combined with the necessary seriousness, hard-working attitude, and competent writing abilities needed to fulfil this role well. Most importantly, what stands out about me is my ability to pay close attention to detail whilst seeing the bigger picture too; by this I mean that I am an interdisciplinary thinker, bringing my interest of politics, ethics and philosophy into every decision I take to ensure optimum fairness. As a result, I can analyse situations with empathy and understanding without bias – this will be essential in this role where the decisions being made have considerable consequences for both the persons involved, the Party and wider stakeholders.

    If conflicts of interest arise I will remain professional at all times, being fair, polite and just, explaining clearly to all those concerned the events which are taking place, providing the information which is needed at the right times, and always standing by my morals, which are in sync with those of the Party. Moreover, my intention always would be to ensure that everyone feels respected and that the most just outcomes are arrived at irrespective of prevailing conflicts of interest.

    Lastly, despite being new to the Green Party, I have completed two fully funded research projects in environmental psychology, written for the University of Surrey’s politics magazine about flying less, and completed the Global Graduate Award in Sustainability. Hereby, the main policies and beliefs that underpin the Green Party are highly important to me, having over the years become integral facets of my personal, academic and professional life. I am someone who loves learning above all else, completing my International Tourism Management degree in these last few weeks before starting my master’s in Social Research Methods in September. These studies equip me with the critical analysis skills needed for optimum decision- making, questioning, gathering relevant information, not accepting cases at face value and overall striving to reach truth and ways to progress forwards.

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  • endorsed 2018-04-05 18:40:55 +0100
    I’m getting a fruit and veg box delivered for my family. This will save about 15 different plastic bags and punnets each week.

    The Adur Plastic Pledge #TAPP

    We would love you to join us in reducing our plastic waste by pledging to change ONE thing in your life. This could be:

    • to get milk delivered in bottles, instead of buying your milk in plastic bottles;
    • to buy a reusable cup, instead of taking a throw-away plastic one each time;
    • to buy loose vegetables instead of plastic-wrapped ones;
    • to refuse any polystyrene-wrapped goods.

    These are just ideas, and we urge you to be imaginative!

    it would also be great if you could estimate how much plastic your pledge might save (e.g. 3 bottles a week, 1 box a fortnight, etc).

    Please complete this form to make your pledge. When we receive it, we will send you a certificate that you can print out. We would LOVE you to share a picture of you holding your certificate on social media using the hashtag #TAPP, or send it to us at [email protected] Smile, because we might use your picture in our campaign!

    The campaign is running from 5th April, and will lead us into International Earth Day on 22nd April, when we'll announce the total amount of plastic saved.