Bruce Holman

Bruce Holman is following this site, wanting to find out more about the South East Green Party.
  • wants to volunteer 2019-04-29 17:59:02 +0100

    Host an event

    Could you help set up a meeting in your area to bring our European election campaign to local voters and supporters? To get more Green MEPs elected, we need votes from every part of South East England. In every town and village, we need to reach out to your neighbours, telling the good story of Green MEPs.

    It could be as simple as inviting people around to your house to watch a video from our candidates and then talk about what you could do to campaign locally. That is what Bernie Sanders did at the beginning of his campaign for the Democratic nomination. 100,000 people watched a live stream of his stump speech in 3,700 places, then started to campaign locally.

    Or you could set up a street stall in town, where you could hand out our leaflets and talk to people about how the Green Party is looking after people and the planet.

    Got a bigger venue? Then some of our candidates could come to speak at a public meeting or an open air rally, like the ones the Dutch Greens did. We can get public meeting rooms for free in an election campaign.

    Or maybe you have an idea for something that will get on the local radio news? Be imaginative.

    Please select the type of meeting you would like to help set up (with help from your friends and advice from the campaign team) below. We will invite you to a conference call to talk over the practicalities.

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