Miriam Kennet, MEP candidate for SE England

Miriam Kennet winning Green business award
Miriam Kennet receiving 2014 Green Business Award

Miriam Kennet is the:

  • Co- Founder and Director, The Green Economics Institute
  • Founder and Editor, International Journal of Green Economics
  • Founder and Commissioning Editor, Green Economics Institute Press and Book Publishers

Books published

  • Handbook of Green Economics
  • The Green Built Environment
  • Voices of Africa
  • Citizens Income
  • Womens Unequal Pay and Poverty
  • Climate Change
  • The Greening of Asia and China
  • Education and Green Jobs & Young People
  • Green Energy Policies, Fukishima's Legacy
  • Green Economics Methodology
  • Green Economics:Food, Farming and Agriculture
  • The Greening of Global Finance
  • The Greening of Indonesia
  • Green Economics and the Arts
  • The Greening of Eastern Europe
  • The Greening of Latin America
  • Greening the Global Economy
  • Green Transport Revolution
  • Greening of Health and Healthcare
  • Integrating Ethics, Philosophy and Economics
  • The Philosophical Basis of the Green Movement

Events in 2014

31st May 2014
Training and Courses in Green Economics
Brand New One Day Courses
University of Oxford

July 8-11 2014
9th Annual Green Economics Institute, Green Economics Conference
Science, Economics and PHD Faculties at Oxford University.

12th November 2014
The Rocking Chair Revolution and the Vintage Generation
Older people and pensions 1 Day Conference = Barbie Goes Grannie
Trinity College, University of Oxford

13th November 2014
Biodiversity, Animal Protection and stopping the 6th Mass Extinction
Trinity College, University of Oxford

14th November 2014
Climate Change, Renewables or Green Crap?
Climate Change Flooding,Drought, Food, Sea Level Rise, Water Management, Green Crap or Climate Emergency? Our Preparations for COP20 in Mexico.
Trinity College, University of Oxford


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