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    I am particularly opposed to the east line being put back into the private sector, when it is working currently at a profit to the treasury.

    Make our railways serve the common good

    In the South East we really have to depend on our train services, especially if we commute into London. But the only things we really seem to be able to depend on is above inflation fare rises, year after year.

    Taxpayers still pay huge subsidies for our railways, but rather than the money being used to improve services and lower fares it just goes to make train companies’ profits bigger.

    We need train services that are affordable, reliable and comfortable. A quick look around Europe shows that publicly owned railways can deliver, fast and reliable trains services.

    Three quarters of you want our railways to be publicly owned, for the common good,” says the South East’s Green MEP Keith Taylor. “We need trains, there’s no competition—it’s an obvious candidate for nationalisation and Greens support that 100%.


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    I support Caroline Lucas's bill to bring the railways back into public ownership.

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