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    Candidates wanted

    We are in troubled political times. There may be a snap General Election or we may have a European Parliament election on 23 May if leaving is postponed by more than a few weeks.

    So right now the South East Green Party is putting together a team of 10 European election candidates. We will campaign on continuing the good work of our Green MEPs, making life better here, unlike the lazy UKIPers.

    Could you be part of our diverse group of candidates, getting votes from across the South East? It could be a hard-fought campaign, but it will shared between 10 candidates and our campaign staff. And one or two of you are likely to get a well-paid, influential, job as an MEP, given the vote share we got in 2009 and 2014. Fill in the form below to receive instructions on how to get nominated. Deadline 14 March 2019.

    Also we still need General Election candidates in some constituencies in the South East. You do not need to stand where you live.

    And there are lots of council seats to contest on 2 May. Could you help us have a full slate of candidates in every council, so that everyone can vote Green?

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