100th donor in 3 days to reelect Keith Taylor MEP

Congratulations to the 100th donor to Keith Taylor's appeal to fight the migrant bashers: Alistair Morten.

In 3 days over 100 supporters raised over £4000 towards the campaign to re-elect Keith Taylor as a Green MEP for the Southeast of England. Our 100th donor, Alistair Morten said:

I am supporting Keith's campaign to be re-elected, as one of our MEPs, because he fights for social justice and sustainable economic development—aspirations we all want as European citizens.

Jonathan Kent, Chair of the Southeast Green Party and candidate for the European Parliament, says:

It's not just the money—the very fact that so many people have been so generous to the campaign has an incredibly energising effect. Some can spare time, others money but it all creates the sense of people across our region working together to get a great MEP re-elected so together we can build a healthier, happier, fairer Europe.

This is a wonderful response to our first fundraising appeal. We need another £3500 to help Keith Taylor stand up to the immigrant bashers. Please help: you can donate to the Southeast Green Party, volunteer. and tell your friends about the good work the best MEP in SE England is doing.

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