Malcolm Perrins

Malcolm Perrins is following this site, wanting to find out more about the South East Green Party.
  • wants to volunteer 2015-01-18 17:24:28 +0000

    Help the Greens in the South East

    Although we've recently had elections, the campaign for next year's local elections starts now. We're aiming to offer voters a Green choice wherever they live in the South East. The Greens did well in the 2015 elections and should do even better when there isn't also a General Election.

    Please can you volunteer a little of your time to help.

    There are some simple things everyone can start doing right now.

    • Spread the word on social media: Retweet @SEGreenParty, like the South East Green Party Facebook page, and share our posts. And when people respond start conversations, you can invite them to sign up for something on this web site.
    • Get in touch with your local Green Party. They need help with events and election related activity, which will get busier as May 2016 approaches.

    Below are the ways you can help us. Tick all those that you can do. Together we can make a difference for the common good.

    Become a volunteer